My Story:

Hey there, I'm Bekah.


I learned how to sew from my grandma when I was 12 years old. I chose to put that knowledge to the side until 10 years later when I was married with a newborn baby girl in my arms. This was a life changing moment that inspired me to practice what I'd learned when I was young and to spend countless hours studying the craftsmanship of beautiful wedding designs. 

At the same time I'm continuously struck by not only the beauty and complexity of our world but also the deep hurt and darkness we are surrounded by. With the desire to be on mission to save those who are living this hurt coupled with my longing to stay home to raise my little girl, I created Zélie. I strive to combine my passion for beauty and weddings with the deeply rooted need to live for others. Both at home and abroad.

So I packed up my things at my full time job working at a doctor's office and I went to work at home, and now in 2018, while watching both of my little girls engage the world around themI feel alive with my passion. I not only get to do the job I am fulfilled by but I get to pass on this knowledge and experience to my loves. I am enthralled by the organization that we have partnered with and I can't wait to share the incredible stories of rescue by Love Justice. 

My goal is to create a ripple effect in the wedding industry. If even the smallest portion of this 72 billion dollar industry was given to help improve the lives of those who are living a nightmare at this very moment, then all

of the hard work is worth it x10. 

A Zélie veil is so much more than just a beautiful piece to complete your look, I hope it's beauty lasts for much more than just one day. I want it to represent a life across the world that you spoke for.

© 2018 Zelie Veils

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